Electric Fin Battery Life: How Long Does Boost Last?

Discover the answer to 'how long does boost last' and get insights on maximizing its duration. Learn more about its effects and longevity here

For Surfing:

There are two switching modes – long boosts for paddling out and short boosts for catching waves. All parameters of these modes can be configured through the app depending on your needs. One fully charged battery is enough for roughly 2 hours on and off boosting. And don't worry about it running out in the middle of a session - most times you'll end up using no more than 60% of the battery.

For Paddleboarding:

There are 3 continuous modes with different power levels:

  • SUP Assistance – up to 50 min
  • SUP Trolling – up to 40 min
  • SUP Wind – up to 30 min

Direct link to download the Boost Surfing App: https://boostsurfing.com/app

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