How long does the battery last?

For Surfing:

One 60 to 90-minute surf session *

You will have 2 modes - long boosts for paddling out and short boosts for catching waves. By default, it’s set to 8 and 20 secs accordingly but that can be easily adjusted in the app, as well as the power output. One fully-charged battery provides 100 boosts at full power which in our experience is enough for 90-minute surf sessions. Different setups result in a different runtime and you can get even more out of it.

For SUP:

One 60-minute session *

If you use the Boost Fin continuously at 100% motor power it will last between 15-20 mins depending on conditions. However, if you set the motor to 30-40% power which should be good enough for cruising on a SUP, then it will be 30-45 minutes. This is enough to be able to go a little further out or make it back in with the wind blowing strong. And again, it doesn't have to be on all the time. Use it as a safety net if you'd like - then it'll last longer.

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