Boost Fin Adapters Guide | Find Your Fit

Boost Surfing's adapters provide the ultimate solution for versatile board compatibility. Find out how to enhance your surfing experience today!

The Boost Fin can fit any surfboard or paddleboard, thanks to a variety of adapters that we created. While there are thousands of different board brands, the fin systems are industry-standard in most cases and we have adapters for all of them. The Longboard Adapter is included in the package by default. If you have a different fin slot, we have plenty of additional adapters to fit your surfboard or SUP:

  • FCS Longboard
  • Slide-in
  • FCS 2
  • FCS
  • Futures
  • Futures (Side Fin)
  • Soft Top
  • Flip Lock
  • Wayler
  • Stick-on Fin Box

Longboard (US fin box)

FCS Longboard





Futures (Side Fins)


Soft Top

Flip Lock


Stick-On Fin Box

Some brands make their own fin box that is only compatible with those brands fins. These fins have very few if any fin options. In case you have a brand-specific fin box, non-removable fins, twin fin setup, or no fin slot at all – we provide a universal stick-on mount. It’s also a perfect solution for kayaks or other water toys. The fin box adapter is designed to attach to any surface with a water-resistant adhesive. Once you have the fin box attached, the adapter simply plugs into the fin box. The fin box becomes a permanent part of your board, but the Boost Fin and slide-in adapter can be taken off whenever you want.

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